How to hide files without app

There are certain documents, files and folders that you believe should be known to you alone. Many apps have been created to assist you with this but they all actually got downsides. Some are buggy and may slow down your phone others may require you to pay for an advanced hiding feature; which you don’t

30 Best Apps for Productivity on Android.

The android device is a vast operating system that’s capable of doing so many things. The need of doing some tasks on PC would greatly reduce when you have a good alternative on the go ( mobile ). It’s also important to know that your phone isn’t restricted to social media and playing games alone.

God of War wins Game of The Year 2018.

” A complete masterpiece franchise ” as one would say. God of war have for long maintained its stance with fierceness / action / brutality / gore, which have made it a name in the gaming industry. Thanks to the never relentless developers of this wonderful game, we all had fun right from the start